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Default Suby Experts Needed

So I need some serious help.

I have a 2002 wrx 2.0 tuned stage 2 on cobb accessport. This isnt my first suby but the first turbo'd ive ever had. When i got her it ran well, super quick but had a slight turbo bark at 6500. CEL showed a misfire in Cylinder 3.

So I got new coils and plugs when installing I noticed vacuum lines capped, cracked and even some missing so I went ahead and got a new hose setup. While I had it all taken down I figured id do the tgv delete and clean up the manifold. I also did the fuel solenoid delete as it broke during unistall.

I cleaned everything up and put her back together. On the first start up it sounded pretty good. Ran a bit rough but no odd noises.

When I took it for a test drive it wouldn't spool up over 3500 rpm, then it started to have a really odd tick. Its loud. I have determined its not the injectors but it has the same overall sound. I have done the below to try and determine what it is with literally no change at all

- Swapped coils to other cylinders
- Swapped old coilds for new
- Moved around injectors
- disconnected injectors and coils to try and get a misfire
- Torn down intake to see where the noise is coming from
- Used my stethescope to try and isolate noise, no luck here.
- detuned to stock no change
- Pulled belts to eliminate ac and power steering
- Checked knock sensor
- Checked power to coils...

I am trying to determine if noise will go away and if that correlates to the rpm issues. At a loss here.

Next steps
- Cylinder pressure test and or a leak down?

Sorry for the novel but I am at a loss, see the video below on the noise and what I am dealing with. Thanks!

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