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Originally Posted by elirentz View Post
They did say in the TopGear video they were using the "Performance Model" not the Raven. If that's the case they were wrong saying they were using the fastest Model S available (unless it isn't available in the UK).

The V-Box numbers part is interesting if true. Would be highly unlikely they got the same numbers.

Either way I think the video did a good job of showing the difference between the two in other areas. They didn't show any back to back performance tests to see if/when the Model S drops off performance wise compared to the Taycan. Or run multiple laps and show the lap times increase over time. That would have been a good test.

It will be interesting to see what the Model S Plaid brings and how much closer to the Taycan's price it will be.
The new Raven model S has upgraded motors and cooling system it probably can do multiple straight line pulls without dropping power but it will probably pull power on the road coarse.

Tesla is doing some testing right now:

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