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They explained their judgement criteria at the beginning of the article. Their decision wasn't solely based on performance.. or really much at all. They focused heavily on the fun factor.

To pick a winner, we used the following criteria:
  • Outright speed and testing numbers are part of the package, but they don’t determine the winner. Beyond sheer pace, a car has to bring emotion to the table.
  • The car must embrace track duty while still being enjoyable on the road.
  • Technology has to be used in service of the driver, not just added speed. Feedback and sensation via complexity is great, but complexity alone doesn’t cut it.
  • Lastly, we ask ourselves, would any other manufacturer build it? Does the car feel uniquely of its story and brand, with a personality all its own?
The C8 & Supra are both great, fast, RWD performance cars.. but they lack a manual transmission which can detract from the fun/emotional factor.

Speed is an important part of the equation, but can you legally enjoy the performance on a public road? Do you miss rowing the gears of a manual transmission while driving the car?

C8 complaint:
  • The transmission.. "The hitch, sinking the C8, was the transmission" - "..manual mode is a half step behind the competition, denying downshifts or letting the engine bash the limiter, unsure of how much intervention to provide... If you must take our clutch pedals, at least swap them for a transmission that wants to play."
Supra complaints:
  • It's a BMW.. "..there’s not much Supra here—none of the name’s legendary solidity and brawn—or even much Toyota. The chassis and driveline are shared with the BMW Z4; the badge on the hood has a BMW part number. The interior smells like a BMW. And despite the Toyota-specific suspension and driveline tune, the car suffers from the same maladies that plague most modern BMWs.. without undoing a single fastener, we counted 28 separate uses of the word “BMW,” or the BMW logo, under the Supra’s hood."
  • “The Toyota somehow manages to be joyless,” editor-at-large Sam Smith said, after his first session. “There’s no reward for focus, no incentive to be a hooligan… It doesn’t feel like any fast Toyota I’ve driven. None of the confidence or unflappability of a second- or third-generation Supra.” At the limit, it can be twitchy and distant.
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