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Originally Posted by QwaktastiK View Post
Garage goals right there. It’s funny, I feel like you and I upgrade all the same things at the same time. Lol. We’ve been doing a major garage reno over the past few week ourselves.

Regarding the car pondering, I really hope you keep the STI for long term. You’ve put together a wonderful build and I’d hate to see it get parted out and brought back to stock.

Specifically speaking, the Golf R... My wife has a 2016 S3. She works from home, so I drive her car half the week and my car the other half. The S3 as you know is the same thing as the Golf R with a different shell. The S3 is a blast to drive. The highlight of the car is the definitely the transmission. You really can’t beat the DSG, In fact, i like it so much dare I say I would buy a DSG STI over a manual if they ever offered it. With the resonator delete, the exhaust is throaty especially during downshifts and rev matching. Only issue with the car is the suspension is suuuuper noisy. Well documented in the Audi forums. We’ve had it back to the dealership over and over again and it still sounds loud as hell for a stock suspension. My STI on coils is quieter. I’m not sure if the Golf R has the same issues. We just bought the lease out early and financed the buyout for the S3, despite the noisy suspension. We like the car that much. I agree, the Golf R is a lateral move. It’s definitely a less aggressive looking car than your STI and more understated. I’d hate to lose the rumble, but the EA888 with the resonator delete is music to the ears.

Good luck with whatever you decide. I’d say throw the Volk’s on the STI, go to some local meets and enjoy the Subie community and the wonderful build you’ve brought to it.
Haha that's awesome. The garage "mods" weren't really in the books, but my wife got me the tool bench and sorta just got motivated to get a few things done. Still plenty to do, but it's nice to have a designated work area. Since I moved from my last house, I haven't had a work bench and I realized how much I needed something. It's shaping up a bit and no where near my vision I have planned, but it's definitely a start!

My buddy has an S3 and I have driven it in short stints. It definitely is a lovely little car and the exhaust note is pretty sweet. He's stage 2 currently with the resonator deleted and downpipes. It's pretty aggressive and a lot of fun. Really small car though, so I would go for the Golf R for a bit more usable space. Mainly associated in the cargo area.

Agree it is a lateral move, but not necessarily a bad one. When you see and drive the same car day in and day out, you start to get that comfortable feeling where other cars start looking more appealing. Although, I do try to look at it with an outside perspective and try to imagine it's someone else's car and what they might think of it seeing it for the first time. Parking differently in the garage or going to a new spot definitely helps! I just need someone to drive it so I can see it moving. That would for sure spark the fire a bit more.

Every car I really imagine to be worth the change is far above what I am comfortable spending at the moment. Plus, I am not motivated to part out the car and sell it. Which is a good indication I am still enjoying the car and not wanting to get rid of it.

You are right. Wheels changes the entire look of the car so I am pretty confident I am going to fall head over heels again when I see he new look. Hence why I decided to go with the real deal this time. Figured I might as well do what I want now before I sell and wish I did it.

Still want to do some rear sways and endlinks, a pair of recaro sportster CS's, and the 18+ front bumper and I would confidently say it make me want to keep it longer. But, it's something to look forward to someday so that still keeps the fire lit.

I used to go to a lot of shows with my M3 while I enjoyed them, all it did was made me want to spend more money on the car haha. Seeing everyone's cars just kept pushing me to do more and more. Not that it's a bad thing, I just grew tired of the competitive fight I had in my own head to keep trying to one up myself. I did one get together in my WRX and it was just a bunch of 18 year old juveniles vaping their way through life. Just wasn't my crowd so I have stuck to oogling over my own car in my own garage haha.

I wouldn't mind meeting up with a few locals someday soon to just park, check each others rides out, and snap a few pics. That is more my style.

I do appreciate the kind words brotha. You car is on my list of ones I follow still (which is a very select few). I actually bumped into a local in a GR STI sedan and couldn't stop thinking how much more aggressive that gen looks compares to the VA. Made me want a white hatch again.
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