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Originally Posted by Sid03SVT View Post
The 350z and g35 already shared that platform, WTF are you doing Nissan... Granted the Q60 platform has seen updates that the Z version of the platform didn't, but whats the point? to remain irrelevant? are Japanese manufacturers turning into 80's-90's US automakers? Hopefully it's just Nissan making this blunder and Lexus doesn't follow (looks at IS350.... which is still riding on the same (modified) N-chassis with the same engine it has since 2005).
Yes. Automakers aren't going to invest in R&D for luxury sedans because, and especially in the Japanese manufacturer's case, no one wants to buy them new. BMW and Merc can just piggyback on their name to sell luxury sedans, that's not something Lexus and Infiniti can do. Regulations have pushed the market share towards SUVs and public interest has shifted to BEVs so that's where the bulk of R&D money is going. This isn't news, it's been like this for at least the last 5 or so years, and it's only gotten "worse". And the only reason the Camaro and Mustang get better year on year is that not only have they been able to spread R&D costs by sheer volume of their offering, thanks to having a loyal and entrenched market(who aren't even enthusiasts) they also spread R&D by sharing with trucks and the US manufacturers also dominate the market there, which fills their coffers in ways Nissan and Toyota can only dream of.

Many people praise the fact that Toyota got back into sportscars, but they went about it the absolute wrong way. The 2013 remodel of the Corolla should have come with a 2.0 like they have now, and then a 2.0T performance model with LSD, dampers, brakes. Then they could have used that formula not only to underpin the Corolla, but in the C-HR with AWD, and then they could have had that engine in the base Camry and even the RAV4 with it tuned for torque. Then instead of bringing back the Supra to fight a Cayman, you fight fire with fire and bring back the MR2 with the same powerplant, maybe even add a Lexus V6 model or some trick ERS system and market it alongside the Le Mans program. That was a formula that could have worked well into the 2020's IMO, and you could have rode all that into a new Supra, or piggybacked the same concept the Supra was born from, just onto a different model by giving the MR2 a TT V6 , bespoke chassis and a Supra designation.

Nissan needs to blow up their whole lineup, and get simple. Honestly I wouldn't mind seeing them pull a Ford, aside from the Z CUV mentioned above. Make the Juke more conventionally styled, give it a 1.6T, optional AWD and manual(and in the same model) keep it below 3000 lbs, and give it the Sentra's spot. Kill the Altima and Maxima, replace with the Rogue and Pathfinder. Update the Frontier, for the love of God. Kill the Z, replace with a Silvia to show the BRZ whats up(and use the Frontier engine but this time turbo it.), update the GTR, keep rolling with the Leaf, Titan, and Armada.
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