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Default 3rd oil change

Originally Posted by New_Subie_Owner View Post
Thank-you for all of your responses. After 23 years of driving Honda products, I was spoiled by not having to add oil to my car. This seems to be common for the Impreza. From now on, I will definitely check monthly based on my mileage.
Long time (~21 yrs) spoiled Honda guy here. i just changed my oil for the 3rd time on my 2012 CVT impreza. (first 2 changes at ~2600, ~7300mi)

i logged ~4200 miles since the last cbange (odometer currently at ~11.5k), and noted that at worst, i consumed 10 ounces of oil based on what i drained yesterday*. i'm guessing it was probably closer to 8 ounces (0.25 qt)

so far so good, but given the few problems reported here, i'll be keeping an eye on things each oil change (i am planning on a 6mo change sequence regardless of miles driven: i typically drive ~10,000 miles per year)

*the details: (Mobile 1 -- high efficiency 0w20)
- during last change, i put in 5 quarts + 10 ounces
- yesterday, i drained the used oil back into 5 quart container and the level was a smidge higher than the oil in the new 5 qt container. this ~5qts does not include any oil that i mopped up with old rags cleaning the pan, funnel, oil filter receptacle, and a few drops i spattered when i poured the oil into the container.

practically speaking, it's convenient that i consume a little, else, i would need another container to dispose of the used oil

in all seriousness, at some point, if i don't see any noticeable consumption down the road, i may just go with 5 qts of oil per change. right now i buy 5 qt jugs but pick up a quarter container to be used over 3 changes. (yesterday, i poured in 5 qt, 12 ounces)
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