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Originally Posted by pc06sti View Post
On my car it squeaks as soon as i turn on the ac for a few seconds, and then when ever the little wheel stops spinning ( when the fan kicks on or when I apply heavy throttle) the wheel will squeak once it starts spinning again only for a fraction of a second like a bird chirp. I went to the Stealership and asked for their opinion and of course they said its the ac compressor which is $650 plus labor. I told them that it has to be just the ac compressor clutch and they tried to convince me that if it is there is no way to replace just that part. I said well I'm not paying you to replace something that isn't broken, thank you and have good day.

Has anyone ever replaced just the compressor clutch? i saw them online for a few other vehicles and they seemed to be rather cheap like $40 to $70. Any input would be appreciated
I got good news for you. I went back to the dealership and they decided that cleaning some dust out and trying to retighten the belt again might help. After doing so (they even did it at no charge!) the sound is back to stock level, and the car no longer dramatically jerks in low gear/rpm when the a/c comes on and off. The chirp sound is gone, and replaced with the very quiet sound that it had when stock when the a/c turns on and off. I am not sure where exactly they cleaned the dust from, but it worked and I am very happy. I suggest finding a place that will clean, then retighten the belts for you, if it works it will save you a lot of money.
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