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Originally Posted by BacDoc View Post
I don't think the context of the email was harassing or even demeaning. It was painful truth. Had he used derogatory names, slurs, or included a Happy Meal toy then yes I would consider it bullying. Simply pointing out that someone is not necessarily fitting for a role model position is a bit underwhelming in the bullying hall of fame.
So now newscasters are role models ? I hope not. They are nothing more then talking heads, most of them are probably dumber then the people in General. Plus what kid watched the news and says 'I want to be just like her.' None.

He ostracized her from her peers based on a physical issue. If this isn't bullying then I'm not sure what is. So it is ok to make fun of poor or ugly or physically handicapped kids in school as long as the words you use aren't derogatory ?

I thought most people in here were on the idea of 'care about yourself and leave everyone else the **** alone.' What business is it of his to even care one iota about what this random news lady looks like. You don't like her looks, change the ****ing channel and move on...but to go out of your way to purposely point out what is already obviously clear to her and everyone else just makes you an ass...
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