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Originally Posted by boostinsticnd View Post
Have you found any defects in your castings yet?
No casting is perfect. If you've seen enough billet, even it can have imperfections. The casting process we use produces parts on the high end of the casting scale in regards to capabilities and quality. At this point we've processes just under 500 units and there were 2 units that had a visible void beyond my comfort level. So we hit them with the TIG torch to see how they react. So far, it's been uneventful, adding a dab of filler rod and all is good. a 'bad' void will have contaminants or may be so deep it can blow through the thickness once you apply heat. We've not seen this yet.

As far as QC goes, the parts pass through several hands for visual inspection and x-ray inspection. Anything questionable gets evaluated to determine a coarse of action; back into the pour, scrap, or rework.

Having worked with many castings over the years, I am really impressed with the process. As far as durability goes, I would say these are stronger than our fabricated version.

Originally Posted by subaru_gc8 View Post
So.. how much are these?
Same price. The fabricated pans will be having a price increase probably around the 1st of the year. They take a ton of time to make.

Originally Posted by car_freak85 View Post
ARC made one.
Yes they did. It was widely accepted too.

Originally Posted by 2slofouru View Post
-When will it be on your site so we can check cost?

(edited, somehow missed the capacity)
If you buy through the site, you will get a cast pan. We're going to be updating the pics soon.

Originally Posted by 2slofouru View Post
-Is it lower down than the oem pan / less ground clearance?
Yes. It still fit under the OEM bellypan though

Originally Posted by 2slofouru View Post
-Does the oil pickup tube have to use adapters to lower like on your other oil pan?
Yes, when going to a deeper pan, the pickup needs to be brought down with it. We've been using this setup since ~2010 without issue.

Originally Posted by 2slofouru View Post
-What do the internal baffles look like?
Same as on the fabricated units, flow through style. This design performs much better than anything we've ever seen or have test data on. The flat baffles (or worse baffle plates sandwich between pan and block) are horrible, some performing worse than OEM.
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