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Originally Posted by xdrian View Post
I had a 38mm on here, The header design was a 4-2-1 so it has a 1.5 scroll up-pipe with the gate right at the top. The 38 is way too small for this setup, so we are replacing it with a 44mm.

I have some experience driving high HP cars, and I drive this car almost on a daily basis. Took it to school yesterday, and a spirited cruise around town. Im no newbie nor am I a reckless teen. This little 600hp car doesnt scare me. When this car makes 800 then ill need a diaper to drive it.
The orientation of the gate in relation to the turbo is what I was referring to. It should look like a 'Y', where the two legs of the Y represent the turbo and gate, so they get equal flow. It sounds like you have that under control. Did you consider going twin scroll? It might be pretty easy to convert the Up Pipe and then you could do twin 38MM MVS, and go with a twin scroll turbine housing. That might be a pretty cool project. Just a thought though.

I knew you would not use the AVCS on the AEM V1, so I assume it works well for your application.

I see that you got the 44mm on there. Did it alleviate the creep?

What are you shooting for with this project? Low 10s...maybe 9s'? That would be pretty nice. Either way it looks like it is fun to drive.

Once you get it sorted out, why don't you and Junior bring the car to Akuma. We can do a few dyno pulls to compare the numbers...Mustang V DJ. Obviously, there will be no charge. I could then figure out what correction factor I should set the dyno at to get it reading more in line with the rest of the community. Just a thought.


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