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I have a 2004 WRX 2.0L turbocharged four cylinder engine in my Factory Five Racing 818c kit car. Now, I need to replace my cam seals since one of them is leaking. I do not want to screw anything up and risk ruining my engine or pistons, or valves.

I have scoured this forum and have found multiple ways of removing the timing belt without damaging valves, or damaging anything else.

Some folks say, just take the damn belt off and worry about lining everything up later using the factory markings on the crank pulley and cam pullies.

Some folks say you HAVE TO tie everything up so that nothing moves using vise-grips and spare timing belts to lock cam pullies in place.

Why have I seen so much variation, and why do some people seem to believe it is essential to lock 'em up, while others let 'em go and worry about lining stuff up aftwards?
can someone help me decide what to do and what the risks are?

thank you!
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