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Originally Posted by UKscooby View Post
What was more up my ally was the new Fusion. Very nice car but headroom is terrible. Lower the seat enough to have an inch of clearence and the dashboard is very high and you can't see over the hood. It wasn't available for a test drive. Very roomy, nice dash layout, but not very supportive seats. Rear space was fine but getting in and out was difficult, there is a high sil to step over.
It looks fantastic. Its very nose long with a nice swept back profile which makes is look huge. Its definitely something I'd be happy to put in the driveway, in awd form. This was a loaded Titanium with a 2.0 ecoboost and sticker was $34k and change.
The hybrid version is suppose to be a prius contestant.

Originally Posted by schweezly View Post
FWIW, I owned a 2011 WRX for about 8 months (and an 05 wagon for 3 years prior). I liked the overall feel of the ST more in my limited drive, but that may be due to the WRX feel for the last 10 years wearing on me.

MPG on the ST seems varied so far, based on what 1 forum has in a 150 post thread. I wouldn't be surprised to find people averaging around 25. Highway people are easily pulling 28-30. I averaged 20-21 in my WRX's over that 3+ years.

I don't claim to be an expert in any way. In fact, I'm probably the opposite.

One thing I'm interested in is handling in snow and bad weather. One thing reviews are saying is that you can get the backend out slightly by lifting off the gas in a turn
yeah I understand. the GR subarus don't feel the same as the GDs either. can't wait for the new fiesta either.
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