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Originally Posted by prodigy888 View Post
I am considering an accessport, my 06 STI is 100% factory stock right now and I still have not got bored with it, it is plenty fast for me and runs perfect. I would however, like to get more power out of her reliably.

I think the first step would be to be able to monitor all the parameters of how the Stock ECU is tuned right now. I want to be able to see how fast the timming is advancing, what the total timing is and what the initial timing is. More importantly I want to see what the air fuel ratio is in different driving situations, like off boost partial boost and peak boost at WOT.
Basically I want to take this route BEFORE I download a Stage 2 OTS map OR go to a Tuner like DSG, this way I will better understand how the tune compares to the factory ECU settings.

If I can't do this with the Accessport I'll get an A/F ratio gauge..thanks!
You can do all that you mentioned with the AccessPORT version 2. In order to log with the AccessPORT (AP), you will need to install it. You can install or reflash later to the "installed stock mode" map, which will be the stock tuning values. This allows you to log with the AP with the stock tune (you cannot log without having the AP installed).

As stated by previous poster, the front oxygen sensor is not very accurate under boost. It will also be capped to an 11:1 AFR by the ECU. That said, you can monitor your long-term fuel trims (A/F Learning 1 A, B, C, D) with the AP which, with a decent amount of closed loop driving, will generally indicate any fueling issues you have due to a mechanical problem (which will also, generally, impact open loop operation). Generally, each of these values should be within +/- 5%. Typical mechanical issues that can cause fueling problems for our cars are post-MAF intake leaks, bad/contaminated MAF sensor, and bad front o2.

It is not generally necessary to get a wideband o2 if you going with a stage 1 or stage 2 set-up and map. Certainly doesn't hurt and you can use our free (with purchase of AP v2) AccessTUNER Race software to monitor some of the popular wideband o2s.

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