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My experience has been that there are adequate offerings in the front and rear to assemble a balanced program for whatever arena you are campaigning, however, the center diffs offered off the shelf leave a lot to be desired when it comes to building an extensible system that can scale well across environments. I run an S5 rear with the gold wrapped N11 center; this plays out pretty well in most environments. Notably it is the center diff that brings the system together, whether I am running Cusco tarmac, the Prodrive S5 or otherwise.
The N11 center makes use of extensive slip control functions in combination with gear-based mapping functions allowing the response of the center differential to be better tuned for both under-steer / over-steer control as well for corner speed.
The result is that the center diff control is optimized for a greater variation of corner types, i.e.
– being relatively free in slow corners to aid turn in but locking up quickly to aid traction out of the corner, having good response to over-steer/under-steer in medium speed corners and free again at high speed to reduce transmission drag on the engine ( this is an important conditional that has been missed by this thread thus far ).

The whole system is easily controlled, from the cabin, via a thumb wheel.

My current set up, per PD:
Position 1 (lowest ladder light – green)
· Road position - center diff free
Position 2 (second from bottom on ladder – green)
· Basic slip map equivalent to standard N11 position 4
Position 3,4 & 5 (3rd 4th 5th lights from bottom – orange)
· Gear based slip maps!!!
Position 6 (Top ladder light – orange)
· Center diff locked

The controller is a Pectel unit that can by managed independent of the Prodrive maps as well. A relatively inexpensive implementation would be a simple Cusco front and rear set up, stacked to your needs, and managed by an N10 or N11 center.

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