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Default Faulty Throttle pedal?

2012 WRX with STI swap in it.
Been noticing this behavior that I am trying to narrow down.
Tuner checked logs many times and he is positive its not in the map, he says something in the car itself.
Here is the issue.

between 2500 and 3000RPM in 3, 4 or 5th gears as I am lightly accelerating or just cruising I get few jerks, 1-3, feels like I fully let go and press pedal again, I can even hear blow off going off, usually under light load on the pedal, not smashing it.
I checked my log and I see that both acceleration and throttle graphs matching up and drawing the W line when I know for fact I did not let go or moved the foot and in fact I was pressing to accelerate.
Its not happening every time I say 2-3 times out of 10.
Is it possible that my pedal is going bad? because if it was throttle position then my pedal graph would not match my pedal.
Any ideal anyone? car body has 185K miles.

Thanks you!
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