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Originally Posted by Foo_Blyat View Post
Hard to argue with your extensive racing career. You may want to tell all the world time attack cars that are winning they are using old tech and they should be using the killerb accessory oil pan instead.

From my quick search literally every pro class car is running dry sumps.

The tilton Evo that's won multiple years
"Norris Designs Dry Sump Kit, Isolated Dry Sump Tank"
You are literally arguing with YOURSELF..arguing for the sake of nothing. You aren't even countering anything at all. Seriously, it's sad. Are you not taking your meds?

Originally Posted by Foo_Blyat View Post
Delusional thoughts from fantasy island. Tell everyone how you lost your jimmies when I posted the $3 plug that your buttbuddy was selling as a $120 "cylinder 4 cooling mod"

And yes, that was two years into having my license, second sti, and I was excited that I spanked an amg on the highway. Since I actually do track my cars, race my cars, and have money to build my cars. Shame Carlita can't afford to replace his own blown engine and has to ask the internet on how to sue SOA when he's much older than I was when I posted that thread
Wow, more moronic posting from you, and just as predicted you have to tag along with the adults and try and seem relevant. It's unfortunate we can't report morons and moronic posting, or this place could be better off. I feel sorry for you, maybe you're just lonely and need to feel validated so you come here and try and be the biggest whore on the site...or maybe it's just a lack of meds.

Trolls gonna troll
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