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Originally Posted by BeepBoop View Post
Yeah, the convenience of changing twice as many fluids, clutch jobs sucking major , the increased cost of operation in general, etc... all so much butter on AWD

People are just adverse to certain types of inconvenience (illogically) for some reason. Usually revolving around any break in their poor routines. Another trip to the tire shop? Unacceptable! Paying tons more across the life of a car, but without having to make any trips other than you would normally to the stealership? NO PROBLEM!

I love my evo to death, but it definitely costs more (money and my time since I do all my own labor) than any RWD car I've had in the past. Sometimes I really miss the simplicity. Other times I enjoy power sliding and technowonder making me feel like Tommi Makinen
what maintenance does a typical FWD based automatic trans AWD crossover actually have that anyone actually does within the first 5 years of its life? You think the average Jane with an AWD Equinox or Escape is changing diff fluid???

I absolutely detest having two sets of tires. You gotta put them somewhere, and potentially get a separate set of wheels for them, then you gotta play the "when should I change my tires" guessing game, then you gotta go somewhere to get them installed if you don't have wheels. Why would anyone want to deal with that if in their mind they don't have to? If you lease the car having winter tires is an even bigger hassle. 3 year lease, two sets of tires? That's a big expense. You're talking an additional $1000+ dollars worth of tires and tire changes, and then you're stuck with a set of tires at the end of the lease. For people getting $0 down 7 year loans on say a Cherokee (rolling over negative equity to a new car 3-4 years later after almost zero maintenance), that's a lot of cash to spend.

Also, snow tires aren't always the solution. My CTS-V was worse in snow on good Blizzak tires than my Mustang was on all seasons.

I run all seasons on my AWD Tesla Model 3. They do fine in the snow, no issue. My wife's Mustang has snow tires; I can't tell the difference in mild storms from the all seasons I had.

Also, standard stability control makes a big difference on both 2WD and AWD.
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