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Originally Posted by neg_matnik View Post
The paradox is that a 94 mm bore and 86 mm stroke, oversquare engine, is not really suited for SUV/truck duty.
Subaru makes it work but that's far from ideal. Every other 4-cyl turbo engines used in SUVs/trucks today are undersquare (Mazda 2.5L, Ford 2.3L, Volvo 2.0L, VW/VAG 2.0L, ....). Except Subaru.
In short, IMO, FA24 is better suited for passenger cars; may need some valvetrain work, different cams and a different turbo.

Note that I said 265hp 2.4T. The tune (and possibly stock turbo) has to be ďtruck tuneĒ to make that little power with that much displacement and a turbo. Can probably retune for better power delivery, but that does have motorsports class and warranty implications. I guess if Iím given the choice of a 265hp 2.4T or a 235hp 2.4 NA, Iím going NA. They will probably lap the track at the same time, but Iíll take fewer parts and a powerband that has a purpose over 5000RPM.
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