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I just pulled the thermostat. I tested it in boiling water alongside the new OEM one. It seems to be functioning just fine can I see no evidence of a leak or anyting.

So I just had a friend deliver an engine lift to my house. I've been researching Subaru engines for quite a while now. as mad as I am that I have to tear apart this car that I just bought I am slightly excited about it.

I'm fairly sure did I know all the parts that I need to order but if anybody feels like making a list and throwing it up here I'd appreciate that. Most of my research has been for a non-turbo sohc Subaru.
This is what I plan to order:
Subaru OEM updated head gaskets
2 exhaust manifold gaskets
Intake manifold gaskets
Valve cover gaskets with spark plug seals (not necessary but since the engines out I'm going to do it anyways)
OEM head bolts
OEM coolant temperature sensor
Turbo outlet gasket
maybe a timing kit mine is brand new so I might just use it again.

That is a list that I come up with off the top of my head. is there anything else you guys can think of or any resources you recommend to read up on this job? I did just order a digital copy of the service manual.

Also if there's any specific tools that will make my life easier please recommend them. I'm an amputee and I only have one hand so the easier the better! I will probably end up making another thread just to get more info on all these questions and any questions that come up as I go, but I figured I'd start here.

Once again thank you all for your input and all the help. I'd be lost without all the internet people!
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