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Originally Posted by Charlie-III View Post
Looks like an older EJ engine based on the plunger type TB tensioner.

I usually just use a 1/2" ratchet or breaker bar with correct socket.
I also have an, "honest to God, pair of COBB cam wrenches", one has a big bevel ground into it to deal with DOHC cams on older EJ's.
Frikkin really?
These were sold when EJ's were common.

Whatever, if it works for you, great.

PS, is this for turning things or breaking the bolt free/torquing up?
I ONLY spin timing components using the crank bolt......

PPS, your DS intake cam may be a tooth off.......may just be the photo angle.
Yeah it looks like the only tools COBB has to offer anymore is EMS.

This wrench was just used to take the slack out of the belt. I just hate when the cams spring on you.

Its just the angle of the picture, and when the last belt was installed they put the yellow marks on there a little "off". The customer just headed out with this one.

I have a few screwdrivers in my specialty drawer bent around just enough for VW and other random Airbag removal as well. Quite a fun drawer to go through sometimes.
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