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Originally Posted by BlackEye81 View Post
Man, this so exciting! I'm not sure if I should be this excited about a down pipe, but I am.

I have a few questions for you if you don't mind:

1) Is there any weight difference between the catted pipe and the catless pipe? I see that only one weight is listed. (significant?)

2) Does the catted pipe throw a Check Engine Light? Would not there need to be a second sensor bung after the high-flow cat for the ECU to determine that the cat was functioning properly? The cat on your downpipe seems to be quite a ways downstream. I may be exposing my ignorance of the stock system here, as I have no idea where the stock one is located.

3) Will there be dyno graphs of the catted downpipe as well as the cattless? I'm wondering if there is a whp difference between the two and if so how much.

4) (Semi-off topic)- I'm sure many here are excited about your intake and tune on the EcuTek and will already have them before they get this downpipe. Are you offering free upgraded tunes for this downpipe to customers who have already purchased your Tuning Kit and Intake?

Thanks in advance and keep up the excellent work!
Don't worry, we are just as excited as you are! Questions are certainly welcome, that is what we are here for.

1. Fantastic question. Yes, the catalytic converter will add some weight to the pipe, take a look at the updated specs below.

Stock Downpipe: 24 lbs.
Mishimoto Downpipe (Catless): 18 lbs.
Mishimoto Downpipe (Catted): 21 lbs.

2. Very true, the stock downpipe features a catalytic converter very close to the turbocharger. We have moved the cat further down the pipe for clearance reasons. The tunes we will be providing for both downpipes will eliminate any CEL concerns. The cat will still be functional from an emissions standpoint with this design, but will not be involved in any ECU calculations. As mentioned before, our tunes provided will alleviate any issues with CEL concerns.

3. Yes, we will be providing tunes for both downpipes on a stock vehicle or installed in conjunction with the Mishimoto intake. We will post these plots as soon as the tunes are complete.

4. Another good question here! We offer free tunes for life on all of our power adding products. This means when you upgrade another portion of the vehicle with one of our products, we will provide you with a tune specific to the components you have installed.

Thanks for the inquiry and the comments!

Originally Posted by Itsorgazmo View Post
What happened to your tmic for the 08 up wrx/lgt? Thread was closed?

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Sorry for the lack of updates on that particular project! We ended up making some minor design changes to the end tanks towards the end of development which has pushed back the release of this project. Our change will provide an improvement over our previous tanks, which we feel is better to change now as opposed to down the line.

At this time, we are anticipating a release date around December. We should have a more concrete date as we get closer to finalizing the production run.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

A big thank you to Adrian N. for being the first on our list for this pre-sale!
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