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for some reason I can't quote posts from my laptop..

to DougNuts, yes Tacoma doesn't handle like a car because...well, it's a real truck...has 4x4 , has a real locker, doesn't have a joke doughnut spare tire, has different ride height for legit offroad, different size tires etc. etc..
MPG is rated pretty much the same as the Ridgeline. Power? Again it's pretty much the same as the Ridgeline.
Did I mention you can also get the Taco in manual?

to godfather

no I get it, it's basically a city car (Pilot) with a bed. So I get it if you live in NYC, Miami, LA, Chicago or something...but really I just don't get why choose it over the whole truck line up when you can get others that are more versatile and can do the same things and more. Plus, again, it looks hideous. Especially the older models my God. But I'll concede that's subjective. I just don't think it's good value for the money. Tacoma will certainly hold it's value better. Can do all the things a Ridgeline can and more.

Well, I mentioned it's more reliable because just like you're bringing Tacoma's ride quality we're comparing pros and cons.

Severely overpriced? hahahaha have you looked at the price for this "Black Edition" ??? it's just an appearance package for more than a TRD PRO! that's hilarious

So basically the only incentive that you guys are able to bring up is that it just handles and rides better "aka" more like a car. Who would buy a truck just for that? lol

Anyway, to each their own.
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