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Default Convince me to (or not to) get coilovers for my 2016 CVT 2.0i Impreza

Hi everyone,

TLDR; I have a 148hp Impreza that I daily drive, I don't want to sacrifice utility, but would love to be able to get more handling performance out of my car. Are coilovers overkill?

I have a 2016 Impreza Sport hatchback with a Naturally Aspirated 2.0 engine (148hp) which I very much enjoy as my Daily Driver.

I've upgraded to sticky summer tires, ECU tune, steering lockdown, pitch stop, and heavier sway bars (Front 24mm Crosstrek, and 22mm adj. rear). It drives pretty well, though I feel like a set of firmer spring and lowering by up to 20mm would do wonders for the car. I like to go fast around corners. Engine upgrades are not an option.

I love to tinker and mod things, (outside of cars) and have done my own work with the upgrades noted above. I have thought about it for a couple months, how a set of coilovers would make this platform even better. But the idea of spending ($1500 +/-250) on coilovers has me conflicted.

Is this platform worth the money and trouble of putting on a decent set of coilovers? I am thinking about Fortune Auto 500, Tein flex Z, or something upper-entry level. From my reading, any aftermarket 2008 WRX suspension is a direct fit, so there are many options.

I daily drive this car to work, but I also would like to keep it readily available to haul stuff like people (coworkers, grandparents and children), groceries, Ikea furniture, or the random large garage sale item. The car has a utility function to it.

The car has a CVT which I thrash regularly with paddles every chance I get. I run my car pretty hard when I am not hauling the things listed above. I use this car as transportation, but in a fun way hooning, as it were, if you can call it that.

So will a set of coilovers ruin the utility? Will a set of coilovers be too harsh for passengers? Is a set of coilovers overkill for an economy car? I have thought about eventually autoXing it, but coilovers would automatically bump me into a more advanced category. I digress.

The idea of lowing springs came into the conversation, but I feel that if I am going to go in the suspension realm, I may as well get the adjustability too ( I like to tinker). Corner balancing, preloads and dampening rates really do interest me. I'd like to learn more and tune the drivability of this car.

So please, if you have any opinions on the subject, flame away
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