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Default UTEC & Tuning Questions

1. Does having a wideband O2 sensor mounted in a catless uppipe cause false readings due to higher temperature and pressure? Would the reading be to lean thus in real life the A/F mixture still be too rich?
2. Is there a PNP wideband O2 sensor for the UTEC? I heard TurboXs was coming out w/ one specifically for the UTEC but it might just be a rumor.
3. Can adding too much fuel cause knock? Would the ECU generate some weird calculations due to the increase in fuel from the base Stage 2 map + increase in timing to cause knock?
4. What is the timing advanced most people are seeing as compared to the base Stage 2 map? They range in the low 20s but I heard some people got it up to 28+/- w/ no knock.
5. Are most people running negative fuel variables once the car is tunned for a learner A/F mixture? What is the A/F mixture in which people are targeting for ... 11.2:1, 10:2, 12:2:1, etc?
6. Has anyone used the extra downloadable software for the UTEC to log whp and ft/lbs on the road and not at a real dyno? Are the reading pretty accurate?

These factors are all assuming tuning in mid 50s w/ a mean target of 16.5psi max in 4th gear. Anyone w/ real world insight would really be appreciated. Thanks.
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