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1. I've been looking at dyno / custom tunned Stage 2 maps recently online. The optimistic part is that I see how much more aggressive the Stage 2 can be as compared to what I'm running now. Plus the factor that the fuel becomes negative which means better gas mileage along w/ more power because the mixture is more lean.

2. I "think" the majority of recent knocks were due to the "safe" map which was caused by the extra fuel in the combustion equations. I have a good feeling that once I get the A/F to the desired ratios, I can run more timing along w/ a knock free or minimum knock situations.

3. Where can I get a O2 sensor bung welded in Marietta/Atlanta area who doesn't care about exhaust mods? How much would it costs and how long would it take? Does it matter where on the DP the O2 sensor is placed or just somewhere as close to the part after the turbo?

3. Does anyone have a WB O2 sensor that's PNP the the UTEC now?

4. If you have access to a dyno, how long would it take to go through each matrix point and tune ... ie: hold at 1.5Krpm and slowly go through each load pt and go till 7K?

5. Can you make adjustments to the UTEC while on the throttle during tunning? I thought the engine should always be at idle before saving/changing maps?
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