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Originally Posted by CalTech87 View Post
Been running the same wattage since owning the car, 2013. Retrofitted headlights though, never seen them dim.

A noise started in my engine bay the other week and from what I gather it's the alternator. Don't know if I should bother with HO since San Diego has plenty of scrap yards.
Retrofitted meaning HID with a ballast, right? I think that would reduce dimming quite a bit since they're meant to provide a constant current to HID bulbs. My headlights don't dim at all 1 or 2 steps below full (75%) volume but will to some extent at full volume with full amplitude kicks in hardstyle and hard trap and other stuff like that. I think the issue is exacerbated by the "smart" charging circuit taking hundreds of ms to react to load changes, if a song has no bass then suddenly a full volume bass note, it'll dim for like a quarter second, give or take then go back up to full or nearly full brightness.

Originally Posted by Commander Keen View Post
This job cost me $627.

I paid $245 for the condenser locally, same day. Rock Auto had it for $70, but I didn't want the car down for another week. Not knowing the accumulator was built in cost me $175.

I also paid an extra $90 for the piston compressor.

If you borrow a manifold and vacuum pump from an Autozone, you could install a new vane compressor for $362 or a piston compressor for $452.
So do I need to buy an accumulator along with the compressor as well, or were you saying that you bought one but ended up not needing it? Thanks for the advice so far
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