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Originally Posted by xluben View Post
A few shots from today:

Originally Posted by xluben View Post
Yeah. That's why I took the photos. The RCE sprigs are a little higher than I had my coilovers but not a lot.
Originally Posted by INKMAN View Post
How is the ride quality?
Here's how I rank them in ride quality and handling. 0 is the stock springs and stock stuts and 10 is a very hard setup (ie. 10k spring on a coilover).

Ride Quality (lower is better):
  • RCE Black Springs and Stock Struts: 2
  • BC Coilovers with 8k Springs: 8

Handling (higher is better):
  • RCE Black Springs and Stock Struts: 4
  • BC Coilovers with 8k Springs: 8

Obviously these numbers are completely subjective and I didn't put a lot of time or testing into them. They're just my initial thoughts after driving around a bit. The ride quality feels very close to stock. It is nice and smooth. Handling is noticeably better than stock, but not nearly as composed as the hard springs on the coilovers.

Once I get the Koni's installed, I hope the ride quality will stay around a 2 or 3 and the handling will go up a bit to maybe 6 or so. I don't expect the handling to be quite as good as the coilovers on a smooth track surface, but it will hopefully be somewhat close and have much better ride quality on the street.

Originally Posted by olazy View Post
Hit dem tires up with some tire shine
Yeah, the Star Specs seem to be very, very dull overall. I noticed the same thing with the last set of Star Specs I had. With the same cleaning/care they seem much less black than other tires. I haven't shined these at all, but they're only a few weeks old and already are very dull. I will probably put something on them soon.

Originally Posted by KA-T_240 View Post
I sold the 240 :/

I have driven my buddies 20gxt 08 sti a number of times. One of the funnest cars i have ever driven. His was at 21psi, 421awhp.

I bought a second tow hook cover to hack and wack and then paint. Figured it might make it look a little cleaner on the car vs not having one. Haven't seen anyone do this yet.

Also, have you thought about painting the silver wrx logos on the fender? I did mine this weekend when i did the mudflaps. I was very pleased with the results. Ill have to make a thread on the car one day.
I thought you were selling a 600WHP STI on the MN boards? Where did the 08 STI dyno at? MAP? Those are good numbers for 21psi. Do you have the license plate relocation kit installed? You really can't see what's behind there unless you specifically go look for it. It really doesn't bother me at all. I've been thinking of doing all the badges with Plasti Dip. but I just haven't gotten around to it.
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