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Default $50.00 to the person that solves this PayPal. motor swap no crank!

quick recap. I bought a smashed 2010 sti with a built motor. I have started the smashed car and heard it run. the motor has the TVG and air injection removed

Then I bought a 2011 still that was running but had the motor removed upon purchase.

I now have the 2010 motor in the 2011.

I cannot for the life of me get the car to crank over. Also of note, the access port will not recognize the car.

Trouble shooting I have done based on my ability to google search,.

1. checked engine grounds. I have the bottom of the passenger rail connected to the exhaust heat shield. I have the bottom of the driver side frame rail connected to the valve cover bolt. the engine harness ground was never removed and still connected to the top of the intake passenger side. The starter has 12v power and the ground is connected there to the bell housing as well. I have also connected a ground from the top of the passenger rail to the bolt right beside the engine harness ground on the intake. the ground from the battery to passenger fender by fusebox is also hooked up

2. I have tried both Keyes that came with the car. Both Keyes will lock unlock the car but not get it to turn over.

3. I swapped the engine ECM with the red car just to see if anything would change. Still no crank.

possibly important details.
1. I can hear what I believe a started relay clicking
2. Accessport will not connect to the car to load the tune from the red car (I had the original tuner email me a file converted to the serial of the AP of the blue car for the new car)
3. starter will turn over if I jump the signal wire to 12v
4. I never hear the fuel pump turn on and prime the system
5.diff lock light and S light flashing when key on
6. lights dim when I try to crank and I hear the relay
7.I tried another battery from another vehicle with the same result.
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