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I liked the Model S's shape, even though I don't think battery energy storage is a sufficient technology for supplying a car.

At first, I though someone had gone and bulked up a Model S badly... then I see that THEY DID, and just gave it a new letter.

This is more useless than a BMW X6, with less range, and less ground clearance, and all of the other down-sides that the X6 has. Two extra seats, aft-facing under the rear hatch are an afterthought, and preclude any cargo capacity.

If I didn't have future tax liability to pay back the deficit spending used to fund this company, I would think it was irrelevant.

As it is, I absolutely don't approve of products that can't survive in the market on their own merits, that require tax dollars to develop, that add to the instability and government mis-management of this country, and their involvement with picking and choosing which products get taxpayer-funded advantage.

If this were a sound product, it would have the venture capital investments to bring it to market, to earn a return for the investors with enough preparation and vision to be able to realize the opportunity.

THAT is the way a free market is supposed to work, not taking money from citizens under force of law. Certainly not to incur high levels of debt and deficit spending, which incur huge interest costs, that the taxpayers are bound by force of law to repay.

This thing is not worth the unborn generation's tax burden that our government is incurring.
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