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Originally Posted by express_wagon View Post
I really don't see these cars being owned by a lot of teens for a while. At $24k+, it's down too far on power. Say even if they had the money to buy brand new, they'd probably go with a turbo Genesis coupe which has significantly more power and be at a lower price, or perhaps a new V6 Stang. I remember what I wanted at 18, it's definitely more power than handling. As I got older, my cars have been progressively slower. Now neither of my cars can break 0-60 in 9 seconds.
There's no guarantee of that. Sure, it's far less powerful compared to a lot of other vehicles in that price range, but remember that Scion as a whole is marketed toward a younger crowd, plus with kids who may still be under their parents' financial umbrella, the lower hp figure may win some of their parents over while potentially having lower insurance rates compared to its more powerful competitors (at least until people start crashing them).

Originally Posted by express_wagon View Post
Have the fuel economy numbers been released for these cars yet? If they can produce 30s on the highway, then I can see more people buying it as commuters but if it stays even in the high 20s hwy, this will be a niche car.
Autoblog said the manual transmission is rated at 21/30, while the auto is supposedly at 25/34.

Originally Posted by manticus View Post
Luckily, they've priced it out of the poser price range Not to say they haven't priced some enthusiasts as well, but there's always the used market.
Not all posers are restricted to sub-$20k cars, unless you believe that every Porsche owner on the road is a real enthusiast who is serious about motorsports.
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