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Do this:

Bar * 10
95 * 10
135 * 10
155 * 10 * 3 sets

If you can get all 3 sets, move up 5lbs next week, otherwise stick with it.

Do something similar for incline.

This is very basic stuff, I'm not giving you any cutting edge workout; you simply need more volume, and to raise your work capacity. I would think you'd see a difference doing some pushups every day as well (don't get crazy with them, just do something).

Follow flat & incline with something for triceps, something for lats, and something for upper back. For example, pullups, rear delt raises, and pushdowns. Keep these reps higher, the pullups you may not be able to do high rep, the others, keep a little in the tank but choose a weight that you grind out about 15-20 reps on your last set. Get work done.
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