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Warm Ups

175 x 5 - knee sleeves
215 x 5
255 x 3
315 x 3 - added belt
345 x 3 - added briefs
385 x 3 - fell forward on 3rd rep and took a half step forward.
405 x 4 - added knee wraps. Good reps, good depth on all of 'em. Had a bit of hesitation coming out of the hole and the last rep. Scared me a little.
315 x 10 - PR knee sleeves. Last rep almost killed me!
225 x 10 - strip set from 315. Lower back was absolutely cooked at this point.

Barely got of my gear and cleaned up the weights. Stumbled into the house and hit the showers. Contrast showers in the winter are brutal. Mineral ice on my back as a follow up.

Stepping forward at 385 didn't do me any favors. Stupid lapse of concentration. I'm doing very well with locking my traps, lower back, and getting very tight. But I am not pushing out into my belt hard enough. I'm using my erectors to maintain my form. That might work at the lighter weights, but once I get past 315 I really need to use my entire core. Time for more ab work.

315 x 10 has been a long time goal. Felt great to nail it.
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