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Originally Posted by spaceywilly View Post
I always thought built in nav was ridiculous but when I went to upgrade my stereo there was one on sale so I got it, and now I would never go back. The little 4" screen on a phone just doesn't hold a candle to a full 6-7" screen and it's so much easier to have it always there without having to set something up. I don't realize how much I use the map when driving until I get in a car that doesn't have it and keep looking at the radio out of habit. Plus the touchscreen is great for all the bluetooth menus and everything you have to deal with now, trying to do that with a 2 line display and 6 buttons gets old fast.
Unless you update your stereo every 2-3 years, the tech is obsolete that fast.

Most people don't re-vamp their car's electronics that quickly, if at all.

And if a 6-7 inch screen is good, would not a 7.5-9.5 tablet be even better? A GSM+GPS iPad costs less than some in-dash nav systems, and can be used for so much more in addition to navigation.

And in 1-2 years as they cycle through new technology, you hand the old one down to a relative, or sell it on ebay, or whatever, and buy the next device, with newer software, faster processing, and a double-resolution screen, and whatever else.

And as long as it is in a holder, or a passenger is using it, how can a cop tell? You don't exactly hold it up to your ear, and it isn't any different than it being built into the dash... That is why NHTSA/US-DOT is ridiculous.

Cops, truckers, and all sorts of other professional drivers have information systems in their vehicles. Yet they can manage to drive. But cops will pull over someone with a phone or an iPad in a dash-mounted holder, and call it illegal? How is it different than a cop's even more tech'd out cruiser, or, an in-dash navigation and infotainment system, except that it isn't built-in obsoleteness?
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