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Originally Posted by Integra96 View Post
Of course, many would argue this is not just an opinion and based on mountains of evidence demonstrating the overall relatively dismal results of actively managed funds.
That's just the thing. Aren't I paying into one of those funds which would be lucky to beat the SP500 index in the long run?

Whereas the following exemplary strategy has beaten the SP500 over EVERY ten year period in the market's history, if you religiously stick to it (the big problem with managed funds, hunches get in the way of playing the time-tested averages):

Buy the 25 best* stocks which:

1. Market cap >$150 mil.
2. Price to sales < 1.
(*Buy the 25 with the best one-year price appreciation)
3. Re-run the numbers every year.

Does anyone do anything like the above?

Again, I'm an investing newb, and I know that I'm prone to read something, and believe in it. So just looking for some additional insight.
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