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I was thinking about my original post and wanted to clarify something. The website is about "******* automobiles". More specifically cars which are made to look fast but USUALLY have nothing under the hood. Similiar to the SUV Poseur website which you may or may not have seen...

These automobiles are characterized by:

-- Performance stickers and emblems which do not make sense (IE Type-R emblem on a Toyota)
-- Coffee can muffler tips
-- Oversized tires
-- Ect.

The page shows many pictures of prime examples of automobiles which "Talk the talk...but don't walk the walk."

The racial comments are from those who own such automobiles and are directed toward the author (who again is Korean).

Strange...because most of the comments are from those of Asian descent towards another of Asian descent. These can be found in the hate mail section...the site itself is not racial...I think...but what do I know...I am a white republican male!

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