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Originally Posted by Gam30vR View Post
Agree but... salvage/rebuild or fender bender = never the same. And do you know how many cars have been in fender benders? A ton of them, many of which never get reported so chances are a few cars you have owned "were never the same" but you had no idea because it was done right. It can be done right, it just comes down to the shop not the fact that it is a salvaged title.
My mother is getting older and, while she was never a spectacular driver to begin with, she has been using the old "park-by-braille" method a lot more frequently. Her previous car, a camry, got side T-bone/swiped buy a pickup. It didn't seem like a lot of damage, and wasn't enough to total the car. BUT. THEY HAD TO CUT OUT AND REPAIR THE B-PILLAR. That is not a trivial amount of work and, despite their insistence that it would be good as new, it wasn't. We traded that car in after the repair on a new Forester.

Now her Fozzy has been in the body shop twice and she asked me to inspect the repair both times. One was because someone tweaked the open driver's door in a parking lot, the other was to repair a parking-pillar-rub.

She LOVES her Forester and took it to two different but equally highly rated body shops. Upon both post-repair inspections I found enough shoddy work, missing clips, overspray, crappy buffing, or just poorly installed/aligned panels that we ended up getting about $2,500 combined in free repairs because these two "highly rated" shops couldn't be bothered to put in the time to properly repair a crappy old 2016 Forester.

Can a repair be made correctly? Sure, but in MY experience I've found that body shops are the last people you want to trust with your vehicle and you/your family's safety. It is for this reason, along with others, that I won't give a vehicle with accident damage a second look.

"Buy the best example you can find." --- Ever heard that saying? Salvaged/branded/accident-repaired vehicles DO NOT fall into the "best example" category. I think a previous poster hit the nail on the head when they said that there is a market for rebuilt vehicles because there is some population of people who couldn't afford the vehicle in question unless it WAS a salvage or had some other massive issue that made the car cheap to buy in the first place.
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