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Originally Posted by f4phantomii View Post
Saw a report today. Worldwide commercial air travel ended December at 50% of its levels for the same period a year prior.

Private jet flights are only down 3% from the same period a year ago. And the bulk of those flights are leisure travel.
I'm not sure private flight contributes to the spread of disease the way commercial flight does. If my "pod" gets on a gulfstream together, we've now mixed my family with the air crew's families for a couple hours. That doesn't seem as risky as going to the airport to wait in the security line for half an hour with 10,000 other people (and it's a different 10,000 people at the end of that period than it was at the beginning) and then waiting at the gate area with 600 of them, getting on the plane and sharing the metal tube full of air with 300 of them, and then waiting for my luggage with those 300 people and a couple different groups of 300 people from other places. And it's all that mixing up among other groups that seems like the problem.

All it takes is the guy behind me in security to have it, breathing down my neck while we wait to go through the TSA scanner, because he's one of those "MASKS DON'T WORK" morons, and then who knows? The guy sitting next to me in coach for two hours and I could both wear our masks, I'm sure that's got to be better than if neither of us did, but wouldn't it be better for him, and for everyone he's near wherever he's going, if I wasn't even there because I took the gulfstream instead?
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