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did few runs with the oil and fuel pressure sensors hooked up and the output seems credible.

Spent some time fiddling around with "General Purpose RPM Limits".

GP 1 - is Oil pressure table
GP 2 - is Fuel pressure table

Basically what happens is Link will cut spark if a condition is met.

Lets take GP 1 - 65psi / 2000 rpm cell. (rpm limit is set to 2000)
My minimum oil pressure at 2000rpm is 65psi.
My normal pressure at 2000rpm is 75+psi.
So in case that I hit 2000rpm and pressure is still 65psi it will start to limit the rpm to 2000rpm.

The trick with the limit is that it kicks in 200 rpm early.. at 1800 rpm.
By 2000 rpm its a full spark cut.
Between those 200 rpm the cut is progressive so its much smoother on the engine.
2nd variable is "Activation Delay". The cut will start in my case 2 sec after it hit but only if its still in that cell.

At 65/1500 its allowed to go to 4000, but if the oil pressure does not increase by 2000 rpm its only allowed to go to 2000.

With fuel pressure its similar case but thats referenced on MGP pressure instead of rpm.
If there is no rise in pressure for given boost prressure the cut will occur.

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