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Default 2005 WRX Crank but no start..

Hello everyone first time posting! I own a 2005 Subaru WRX, I live in the rust belt, and the car has roughly 225k original miles... I bought this car six years ago with no issues at 150k. Anyways...

The issue starts here... I bought a new car in spring and put my high milage subie aside for a few months. The car had a code for a misfire I already new about so I took it upon myself to do some maintenance this last July. I changed all the spark plugs and coil... It was pretty easy although cyl 3's plug that came off the harness had a broke clip. I went to reinstall it and the thing was so brittle it broke into the coil.. I still tired firing it up. The car ran rough and sounded like it was only running off of 2 cylinders. It shook badly but yet I still took it down the road because I though maybe it had bad fuel and it needed to just be drove a little. Man I was wrong the car ran poorly.... but it still started and drove, I parked it again, frustrated. I ignored the problem... I decided to drive my new car and let the subie sit untill 2 weeks ago. I decided finally enough was enough. I checked the car with a code reader and found a misfire on cylinder one... I thought that was very bizarre considering I already knew the plug on cylinder 3 for the coil was broken and potentially not making contact properly. I ordered a new plug for cylinder 3's coil and changed it out, because of the misfire code I swapped coil from cylinder 1 to cylinder 3. I went to start it and the battery was dead. I charged the battery the next day I go to start it and the car ran for about 5 seconds... within those five seconds I went from hearing the engine run very rough without any turbo to a smooth-running engine with the turbo spooling noticeably and then it completely died. It would not restart. There next day I went to Start it again. Hoping even though I didn't hear the fuel pump priming it would start... and it did for about 2 seconds...Then I think about what I've noticed so far.. that the engine turns over and I'm assuming is getting spark because it could start for 5 seconds one time and the next day a couple seconds so I looked online and started hunting for solutions because I'm the type of person that I will not throw money at a problem under assumption I need to be somewhat confident in a solution before replacing parts.. I ran into the idea that the fuel pump is bad due to it starting but I couldn't hear the fuel pump prime when the key was turned to the "On" position. I had my friend stick his head near the relay while I hit the switch and we both could here it activating with one click but I also noticed a lot of moisture in the area on the floor where the relay is located.. I also had my friend hit the key after removing the back seat and I put my ear near the fuel pump.. it did sound like the fuel pump with activating but had very very little power it was obvious it was not running under full load I have owned the car for many years and I was a bit worried when I didn't hear the pump whining...? [emoji43] I dug deeper and found this video:

If you follow the videos instructions like I did, I checked the continuity of the front harness and the rear harness and everything checked out.. Although when I went and turn the key to the "on" position in order to test the relay with a test light, the light stayed on constantly, and from what I learned in the video I posted above this wasn't supposed to be happening. The relay should only opening briefly just to prime the fuel system.This lead me to believe the relay may be the culprit and not the pump. I'm lost in thought...

Is the relay in my 2005 WRX supposed to act the same way with a test light hooked up as it appears in the video for the 99 legacy under normal?

The fact that I can hear the fuel pump running but only when I stick my ear to it concerns me as well but I don't know what to think of that issue...

My next and current ideas are :

1: Sraight wire the fuel pump and see if It will actually pump fuel.

2: Take the relay out and bench check it.

I'm not sure how to do the check because I can't find any information on the solenoid and wiring.. (if anyone knows [emoji28][emoji23])

Any info and idea are welcome for discussion. Please help me get my subie back on the road!
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