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Originally Posted by dwf137 View Post
Build it exactly as shown above, but make it an EV with motors to compete with the Model 3 performance version. Don't get caught up in range, leave it at 200 so the battery pack isn't huge. I'll knock down the door to buy it, even in sedan form.

Another gas driven vehicle that's 3-4 years out will be dead in the water, imo. Some point soon, gas vehicles will be reserved for boring long-distance commuters once more manufactures start making performance cars with EV. Just too many advantages. The advantages to remaining gas are purely nostalgic.
I'm all on board with this. I always assumed my wife was going to be the first to get an EV because I always assumed the boring cars would be first to get converted, with performance EVs starting off in spacebux territory. I'm all on board with me getting to swap my car first, though! Realistically, it's the better choice for us to swap anyways since we use her car as the comfy road trip vehicle.
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