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Default Do you pay your mechanic before the work is done?

Originally Posted by Norm Peterson View Post
Actually, engine assembly is well within the capabilities of a patient DIY'er (I've done several full and partial builds myself, and I was trained as an engineer rather than as a mechanic).

I do understand it's a different situation when HOAs and apartment complexes have rigid and comprehensive rules against DIY car work. Wouldn't live in a place like that, but maybe that's just me.

And they've got to be able to do the actual work right, without screwing something up in the process (possibly even something totally unrelated to the original job).

By way of explanation . . . if it's harder for me to see taking your car to the shop as being the default way to proceed, maybe it's because when I was growing up (think 1950's and 1960's here), hotrodding your car was something that you far more commonly did for yourself than pay to have done for you. Old habits die hard, and I'm actually in the middle of a differential swap and axle gear change for the Mustang.


Not everyone is like you or from your era, or even has the time to learn and execute every trade on their own. The same could be said for plumbing, carpentry, mechanical work, tailoring, cooking, hair cutting, and the list goes on and on. I DIY a ton of stuff, but having young ones now, I have a lot less time, and frankly place more importance on spending time with my family than the money Iím ďsavingĒ, or the certainty that itís perfect by doing certain things myself. Iíve learned to find out who can do the job correctly, contract them, and hold them accountable for the work.

There are also situations where the job isnít worth doing myself. I make more per hour than MANY jobs cost to have done. Why would I pressure wash my house when Iíd make 3 times what Iíd pay others to do it if I were working?

So you see, the end all answer to these issues with shops/ work quality/ cost, isnít ďwhy donít you do it yourself?Ē...

Thatís kind of a cop out answer when I think about it. One: because some people just are not mechanically inclined at all. But also because people donít learn to deal with a shop or contractor. Communicating, setting your expectations, following up (staying on top of them without being a nuisance) and inspecting the work are all valuable skills to have. If you donít have the where with all to do this, youíre going to be more lost in life and have bigger issues than the cost of installing your footprint gas pedal on your 72 skylark.

Edit: and I do all my own car work.. so Iím not arguing this from the standpoint of not being able to.
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