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After carefully studying the FSM A/T Control System schematic & digging a bit deeper into the harness setup, I walked through the troubleshooting diagnostics in the FSM and got the following:

Step1 – Check transfer duty solenoid
  • PASSED @ 12.6 ohms; within req’d 10-17 ohm
  • Also checked at B54 conn @ TCM (#15 - #16/ground) and got almost exactly the same resistance
Step 2 – Check harness between TCM & Transmission
  • PASSED @ 0.2 ohms; less than required 1 ohm
Step 3 – Check harness conn between TCM & transmission
  • Passed @ OL; greater than req’d 1 Mega-ohm
Step 4,5 – Check TCM output signal in “P”
  • PASSED @ 0.139V; less than req’d 1V
  • Note: For steps 4,5,6 - I measured voltage from back side of B54 connector @ #15 while plugged into TCM.
Step 6 - Check TCM output signal in “D”
  • FAILED @ 4.05V; less than req’d 5V to 7V range
Per FSM, indicates "poor contact” in xfer duty solenoid circuit OR replace TCM
I'm not sure how to test for poor contact in xfer duty solenoid short of taking it out (and replacing). And if this doesn't fix it, I assume replacing the TCM is my next step?

I still have to check resistance through transfer duty solenoid when engine is hot and AT temp light is flashing (AWD is triggered). I plan to do this tomorrow. I'll post what I find.

I sure would appreciate a litte advice and guidance from you Subaru experts...all I am getting is crickets.
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