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OK...I keep posting my progress in hopes that someone might help at some point. I have checked and double-checked readings:

When engine is hot and AT Oil Temp Light flashes:
  • Transfer duty solenoid resistance is between 20+ to 24 ohms.
  • NOTE: Resistance readings tends to drop rather fast – I had initial reading in high 20’s up to 30+ (depending on how fast I could get to location with meter). I assume this is due to temperature?
  • TCM output voltage in “P” & “D”” is 11.83V (FAIL per FSM)

When engine is hot and AT Oil Temp Light NOT flashing:
  • Transfer duty solenoid resistance is 33 ohms (steady)
  • TCM output voltage in “P” is 0.16V (PASS)
  • TCM output voltage in “D”” is 4.49V, which is very close to the 4.05V initial reading I got with engine cold (FAIL req’d > 5 V min)
I attached a PDF of a table I created of the readings…hope it comes through and is helpful.

  • Torque bind occurs ONLY when AT Oil Temp Light Flashing
  • Definitely temperature related – symptoms disappear as soon as engine allowed to cool down for as little as ~30 minutes. But come back quickly unless engine allowed to cool completely
  • Shifting between gears seems a bit “hard” (with no light flashing / torque bind). This may normal for a Subaru (seems like I read that somewhere) but though it worth mentioning.
  • OB does NOT have VDC

I thought it interesting that whenever AT OIL TEMP light flashin, there is a direct correlation to high output V readings @ TCM. Maybe the solenoid is going open circuit internally when hot (burned out) and needs replacing?
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