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Originally Posted by Kostamojen View Post
I'm pretty sure Dex is referring to more recent times.

Just look at Subaru. Yes, they have the WRX and BRZ and the new S209 that we finally get. But lets look at the year 2005...

WRX sedan, WRX wagon, STI, Legacy GT sedan with a manual, Legacy GT Wagon with a manual, Outback XT with a manual, Forester Turbo with a manual, Baja Turbo with a manual, and of course all the non-turbos with manuals too, and all of which "fun" cars and under $30k minus the STI.

Just recently we lost quite a few models. Focus ST gone, Fiesta ST gone, Focus RS gone, Fiat 500 Abarth gone, Forester Turbo gone, Audi TT is in its last year, Beetle is going. None of which have replacements coming. More and more crossovers are taking their place.

Luckily Hyundai/Kia/Genesis are stepping up these last couple years.
Yes, this is what I was meaning to say. We have offerings, but not like we used to. Most cars have so much detachment between the driver and the control systems, and they are artificially trying to reattach it.

I'm sure us consumers are partially responsible, but they are trying to make enthusiasts car dual purpose. Let's use the DC2 ITR for example: loads of feedback and stimulation. The price paid for that? Loud ride, sucky audio, zero features, and optional AC. Today's equivalent tries to hard to be a comfortable (enough) daily driver with all the feyixins, and also a race car when you want it to be. The R is an extreme example, but what im getting at is every company is trying to make the swiss army sports car, and the results mostly seem to lack earnest feel. I know there are lots of other reasons why, and I know the days of the raw racer like the ITR are gone (unless you have GT3/Shelby money) but the middle ground seems to be vanishing fast.

It would be nice to have some more options in the under 30k price range. For now I'm planning keeping my paid off FWD joy machine, and getting a used M3 or something of the early 2000s or older range to fill my RWD itch. I'm getting sick of being disappointed with all the new offerings.

Excuse the typos, I'm tired and don't care to proofread on my phone. Goodnight Gentlemen.
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