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Originally Posted by Keshav View Post
75% of braking is the front of a vehicle and it can go up to 100% during a panic stop, so yes, use a traditional disc. You'll notice that the bike I've linked above has double discs for the front wheel.
Totally disagree. Motorcycle Riding 101. If you lock the front brake you release it (don't wanna highside), if you lock the rear you hold that mafk down until you stop completely. You need a rear brake, period, on a motorcycle for this reason alone.

I've got ABS on one of my bikes and it takes longer to stop when ABS is engaged. If what you said was true, MotoGP bikes would have no rear brake on them. They are the most sophisticated motorcycles on the planet. If anything, rear brakes have become even more important to them, with most of them with thumb actuated rear brake lever on the left clip on.
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