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Originally Posted by mr.nicknasty8 View Post
Full time closed loop is just keeping the fuel trims active so its able to keep it more in check for weather changes, atmosphere, etc... look at your AF correction and you will see what I mean. Each tuner has their own strategy, but what I found that made the most driveability/power was richer fuel, more timing. Low timing + leaner = a lot of heat. And a lot of heat leads to knock. But really your car is running leaner than that target actually. If you had an aftermarket wideband on it or a tail pipe wideband from a dyno, you would see it would be lean up top where the corrections are high. On the ones I've done, when in O/L mode, they follow target perfect. And the O2 sensor reads about 10% rich. Switch to full time closed loop and the sensor follows target perfect, but it's removing 10% up top because the sensor is telling it too because it's scaled wrong
Thanks. So the only way to get this perfect is pretty much a dyno tune ? Reason I am asking is because I have seen few different Etune FTCL logs from different cars by reputable tuners that show this -8 to -10 correction up top. Also, pardon for asking noob questions but doesn't the COBB OTS primarily utilize the MAF sensor for AFR ? So wouldn't be in fact running rich in WOT open loop if that is what is coming up on logs ?
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