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I've read it can cause some issues similar to what I am experiencing.

I actually pulled the trigger and just ordered one since they are only like $30 OEM. I figure it may be the issue because the car was consistently dying at 185 degrees on the AP coolant temp reading. Should be here in the next day or two. Anyone happen to know where it is on the EJ255? I think I see it in the forward center just under the intake manifold but would like to be sure before I start pulling wires.

Funny thing though, the car was low on coolant. Still had fluid in the resevoir when cold but it was VERY low. I finally got some subie coolant and topped it off last night. Afterwards, I ran the car to check vacuum leaks and ultimately to try an start it with starter fluid once it died but the car ran JUST FINE. It heated up to operating temp and fans kicked in. reving to 2k and taking foot off the pedal was no problem (used to kill it or at least stutter it). I could never get it to die to try the starter fluid, even turning it off when hot it would fire right back up.

May be the car learning the new O2 sensor and idle? Maybe something goofy with the coolant being low throwing it off? Probably no actual change and I will take it out and get stranded on the road as soon as I test it....

In no way do I think the low coolant was causing this issue, the car was definitely not overheating and the res was above half full when it got warm. But, as of last night, it seems the car is working fine. I'll take it for a drive tonight or tomorrow and update.
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