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Hey there,
Was in a similar situation when I picked up mine. Fortunately, the guys I bought it from helped me lift it onto the back. It is rather heavy and extremely bulky for one person to do it. I've never actually lifted it by myself. The only way I can think of to do it would be to open the hatch, crawl underneath and "turtle" it on your back?? Bring help!

One nice thing is that there are only four attachment points that hold it to the bed, and they are actually the screws that hold the sides (the bedliner). IIRC they are torx heads (dont remember the size), so being a few. Once you do get the cap lifted on, it may be a challenge to get the holes lined up, especially the front left and front right. I actually drove home with only the rear 2 screws holding it on! Once I got it home I used a dremel to widen the holes in the cap until the screws went in. Because the holes are now larger, I have to use a cup washer between the screw and the cap to secure it, but its really no big deal. I've heard of a method some dealers use where they a 2x4 in between the sides of the cap up front, hook a ratchet strap the the cargo hold downs, wrap the strap over the 2x4 and ratchet it down until the holes line up, but I didnt want to mess with that...

Oh, and you have to figure a way to wire the 3rd brake light as there is no way to easily connect it. I ended up tapping into the existing brake light and wiring a speaker terminal next to it so I can easily connect/disconnect the wiring...

Hope everything works out, I think the cap really "makes" the car. I love having the covered bed and locking storage...

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