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Originally Posted by Britain View Post
I have been lurking on here for some time now to gather information, parts, research, etc. I figured it was finally time to introduce myself and the direction that I am taking. I would also like to get some opinions from people here.

I run a Porsche 914/6 with a 2.7L 6-cylinder motor. The car currently weighs 1700lbs and has 205hp/205ft-lbs at the wheels. It runs full race slicks front and rear, has a custom 2-speed transmission, and used 110 octane race fuel. Here is the car:

Now, the reason I am here. I am currently looking to sell my 2.7L 6-cylinder Porsche motor and convert the car to a Subaru powerplant. There are several reasons to do this: cost, power, less weight, new technology, fuel injection, etc.

There are several 914's that have been converted to Subaru power, however I want/need to build one that is a dedicated AX car. Therefore, I need to decide the motor configuration that would suit the application the best. Remember, I am not looking for all out HP, I need good torque and good throttle response. The car does not weigh very much and I have less than 10% drivetrain loss.

Now, here is the kicker. All the SCCA rules for AX are built around displacement which in turn dictates the minimum weight. I know that a EJ257 2.5L motor would be an awesome choice and is actually the one that I am leaning towards. However, what can I do with a JDM 2.0L V7? The smaller displacement would allow me to run lighter, but can I get what I am looking for out of that motor?

Little background. I have talked with Tim Bailey at Cobb Tuning Surgeline in Portland. He will be doing the final tuning once I have the conversion completed. I actually have already bought his Hydra ECU and E85 injectors/fuel rails for use on my car. In addition, I will be running an air-water intercooler set-up and custom ball-bearing turbo. I want the power to come in around 3000RPM and the motor to redline at 7300RPM (same as my car currently which will keep my same gear ratio's).

I am very interested to hear your opinions,
Looks good mate, however the clearance may be an issue - hopefully not.
I have sent through the specs so give us a call on 0242 60 7977 or email [email protected] once you get that other work complete and measure up the space.

Team Hyperflow
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