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I took it in to the dealer after work and they said my car was 3/4 quart low. I asked why I was only getting low indicator lights while in stop and go traffic, not cornering or accelerating hard. They actually said that florida counts as "severe driving" even though the owners manual and soa say otherwise. The dealer is getting my new replacement seatback in thursday, so they're going to change the oil and do an oil consumption analysis.
I was pretty livid. I said "its not a 75 vega and it shouldn't consume oil like one". I personally think its a sensor but the oil level was about a quarter inch below the last time I checked but still well above the low line. I'd say a qaurter inch below the full mark.
Last time they changed my oil they way over-filled it and I actually had to take it back and have them drain a quart out.
Accorfing to the manual and soa a quart of oil consumption per 1200 miles is normal during break in, but there shouldn't be any oil consumption after break in except "extreme conditions". Which I clearly do not subject the car to.
According to the dealer service mgr I'm supposed to check the dipstick every time I gas up. The manual suggests every other fill up. And my dealer seems to think that I'm supposed to top off my oil. Ummmm isn't this 2012 or am I in a time warp and its 1975?
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